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Five arrested and charged as EPS shut down marijuana grow op

image (1)EPS released a photo showing firearms seized from a downtown home on March 2, 2016. Supplied.

Edmonton police said Thursday that five people had been arrested and charged, after officers shut down a grow op.

EPS said on March 2, Downtown Division searched a home in the area of 96 Street and 111 Avenue as part of an investigation – police said the home is within a few blocks

Inside, officers found a marijuana grow operation complete with lighting and hydraulic equipment, marijuana seeds, drug trafficking paraphernalia, improvised weapons and three firearms.

Two females were arrested at the home; police said one had a replica firearm on her, drug trafficking paraphernalia, and a small amount of methamphetamine.

At a traffic stop related to the investigation that same day, three other adults were arrested. Police searched the vehicle and found 190 prescription pills with an approximate value of $5,700, a firearm, baton, break and enter tools and stolen property worth about $10,000.

The five people arrested are facing a variety of drug and weapon-related charges.


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