States That Could Soon Legalize Marijuana


1. Nevada

A ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for adults over 21 has already qualified to appear on November’s ballot. The initiative would also impose a 15% excise tax on legally sold marijuana.

0x600 (1).jpg

2. California

California came close to legalizing marijuana in 2010, but the proposition failed by four points. Another ballot initiative to legalize the drug will likely appear on the ballot either this fall or next.

0x600 (2).jpg

3. Massachusetts

The New England state decriminalized marijuana through a ballot measure in 2008, and current polling suggests that voters are inclined to support full legalization. A ballot initiative is currently being prepared to appear in 2016.

0x600 (3).jpg

4. Maine

Marijuana has been decriminalized in Maine for four decades, and leglization proponents are hoping to have the issue appear before voters in 2016.

0x600 (4).jpg5. Arizona

Arizonans narrowly approved medical marijuana in 2010, and pro-legalization group Safer Arizona is drafting a ballot initiative to appear either this fall or in 2016.




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