Pot activist set to mail out a million seeds for cross-Canada ‘civil disobedience’

Dana Larsen displays a bag of seeds to publicize his ‘victory gardens’ project.Photograph by: Submitted , OvergrowCanada.ca

VANCOUVER — B.C. pot activist Dana Larsen wants weed in every garden.

The former provincial NDP candidate plans to give away a million cannabis seeds for Canadians to plant as an act of civil disobedience.

It is illegal in Canada to grow marijuana, but Larsen believes “victory gardens” will push the legalization issue another step further.

It’s also an opportunity to promote his book tour next month.

“The last stage in reclaiming our freedom through civil disobedience is for Canadians to start openly growing cannabis in their front yards,” Larsen said in a press release.

“That is why I am giving away one million cannabis seeds, for free, to people across Canada.”

He is urging those who receive seeds from him to plant them openly, so the cannabis plants can be seen.

Larsen has broken the rules that ban mailing marijuana a couple of times recently.

In January, Larsen mailed a gram of medicinal-grade pot to 184 Liberal MPs, along with a copy of his book, Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History.

In 2014, he sent B.C. Premier Christy Clark a half-ounce to make a point about the taxes the government could collect on marijuana sales.

Larsen has set up overgrowcanada.ca to give away the seeds and lobby for legalization. He is also looking for seed donations to add to his campaign.



SOURCE: http://www.theprovince.com, by Staff Reporter.


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