While the vote for the Supreme Court nomination remains in limbo, various special interest groups are taking a look at Judge Merrick Garland. Of course, each group is combing through the judge’s various rulings to guage where he stands on specific issues.

The marijuana legalization community is no different. I asked some cannabis business leaders what they thought of the Judge and whether he would be a positive or negative choice for the marijuana industry and these are their responses.

Aaron Herzebrg, Partner at CalCann Holdings

“Judge Garland appears to be a well reasoned and thoughtful jurist. Presently the case of Nebraska and Oklahoma v Colorado is pending before the Supreme Court in which those states are seeking to invalidate Colorado’s legalization on the basis of federal preemption. Judge Garland may be involved in deciding this important case. He was previously part of a three judge panel that denied a request to reschedule marijuana from class I controlled substance to a lower class- but although he denied that request he made remarks that scientists and not judges or the government should decide whether marijuana should be reclassified.”

Eddie Miller, Chief Strategy Officer of GreenRush

Judge Merrick Garland, a prudent and pragmatic choice for the Supreme Court by President Obama; once said: “Don’t we have to defer to their judgement? We’re not scientist. They are”. We believe the President has picked a nominee for the Supreme court who is both a pragmatic and logical juror. Great jurisprudence is the result of logical interpretation of our laws as well as a hyper logical approach and examination of expert opinion. The Judge has cited that in order for policy makers to craft proper American Public policy toward Medical Marijuana, it is vital to listen to the scientist, and especially give them a chance to do their work.


SOURCE: http://www.forbes.com, by DEBRA BORCHARDT.


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