Four Canadians plead guilty in Barbados to smuggling weed in luggage

Four Canadians, including a teenager, have pleaded guilty to several drug charges after being caught trying to import 66 kg (146 pounds) of marijuana in Barbados.

Customs officials say the quartet were intercepted at Grantley Adams International Airport on Tuesday with the illegal contraband hidden in their luggage.

Paige Amber Clark, 20, Natalie Linton, 24, Charlette Blackman, 35 and a 17-year-old were all charged with of possession, possession with the intent to supply, trafficking and importation.

The teenager was give the choice of paying 80,000 Barbadian dollars ($52,000 CDN) or two years in jail. She elected to pay the fine. The other three are set to appear in court next Thursday.

There is no word on the hometowns of the suspects.

A spokesperson with Canadian affairs says they are aware of the arrest of four Canadian citizens in Barbados and consular officials in Bridgetown are in contact with local authorities and are providing consular assistance.




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